What improvements would you most like
to see in Geopolitical Simulator 3 ?

The questionnaire below, please check the box for your choice (note: the number of choices you can check off is limited to 5 for the whole questionnaire). The survey will close on December 31, 2011. The results can be viewed on this page.
a game mode where you can lead several nations simultaneously, and also change the world's surface
a multiplayer realistic simulation mode for an unlimited number of players (meaning all countries can be played at the same time)
new topical scenarios, for example: « end of the Euro », « U.S. Elections 2012 », « the end of oil », etc.
new interface with an updated and intuitive graphic style designed for all types of players
new interface with a dense, compact, war-game-type design (like « Hearts of Iron, » for example)
new map with terrain detailed display and the possibility to change it (builder): agriculture areas, rivers, forests, industrial areas, highways, high speed trains lines, pipelines, shipping lines, etc.
3D display, with visual effects and animations on the map
theme music synchronised with events
new legislation: the opportunity to nationalize or privatize an industry, governmental food and energy price fixing, changing income tax brackets, creating new taxes, proposing a public referendum, etc.
improved public debt management: variable rates, foreign currency loans, rating agencies, devaluing/revaluing/issuing currency
improved trade: clearer information, simpler economic wars, contract renegotiation, economic AI in countries run by the most dynamic computer…
improved scientific research: new discoveries, a technology and discovery tree to help you define industrial and economic development strategies
added support for space exploration: send probes, build shuttles, colonize the moon, take a trip to Mars…
criminal or Mafia activities: drugs, prostitution, illegal work, gambling …
management of crises related to natural disasters and pandemics
actions between characters: more opportunities for negotiation, bribery, and alliances with game characters
intelligence services with more available actions
the ability to create a new international organization and establish its rules
a more extensive war-game: build fortifications, plant minefields, stealth mode for units, battle and invasion plans, robotic unit management…
manage UN armies
the ability to have a civil war against a rebel army
new characters and lobbyists based on current new faces and voices
simulation of non-Western countries: more realistic simulation of poorer countries, countries in the developing world, and dictatorships
environment and energy simulation: global warming, melting ice caps, energy shortages
comprehensive and more educational tutorial
the ability to consult Ministers for advice