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What reviews say:

's Kareen Wynter reports
January 2009

"People will learn more than just what it means to be President -- they will learn what it means to deal with political life in America...and internationally." Watch the video

November 2009

"Geopolitical Simulator is the most realistic world simulator on the market today." Read more...

January 2009

"What players will care about more is the game play, and this is where a title like Commander in Chief really shines. Rating: 8.8/10 " Read more...

October 2008

"The game is a smooth, sublime experience about running a nation in the present era" Read more...

What the users say:

"Thanks for putting out this type of game, I've been waiting for over a decade for a game like this ever since I got burned out with Balance of Power. I've purchased other types of games in this genre (Super Power versions) (Supreme Ruler versions) but without a doubt you guys are running the show with this game."
Sam Loomis, United States  (Michigan) April 09

"GPS is just the true realistic simulation game I ever dreamed to play. You've done it. :-))"
Carlo A. Pero., Brazil

"I spent two hours and still felt I had not done much.  The depth of the game is amazing.  I love all the features." 
  Suliman Nooristani., USA

"I'm really impressed by so detailled game content. All countries, all organizations, all political systems. I will recommand it to my students in my university."
Markus W., Germany

" ...this fantastic game, this simulation based on real data has allowed us to see and understand the absurdness of reality."
David Lalumière Hamilton, Canada